Parking and Bussing for Students at ABJ

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As the growing population of our students continue to arise at ABJ, the parking lot for the school is being limited more and more year by year from the students and is being given to the Emerald Hills Leisure Centre. These actions from Strathcona County is becoming increasingly more difficult for students to cope. The County has made itself clear that it is more concerned with the revenue gained from the Leisure Centre rather then the accessibility of our students. With these new changes the school has brought this coming year, the bussing situation for rural students has become increasingly arduous. The yellow buses are no longer permitted to park and pick up students in front of ABJ. Instead, students must ride a county transit bus (which parks in the same location as the yellow buses were parked the year before) to Bethel Transit Centre. Where they’re picked up by their yellow school buses to continue their regular route home (not to mention the students who have multiple yellow bus transfers to make). This system is inefficient and tedious, and it is not taking into account for the accessibility of our students. This issue could be easily solved with the creation of a larger parking lot, or just going back to the way things were before hand.