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Archaeological Survey of India: Penalise Spoilers of our UNESCO Heritage Center monument, Shore Temple

Dear Officers at ASI,
I humbly write this to you in great anguish and annoyance, due to the vandalism showed at the Mamallapuram Shore Temple.

The cadres of PMK holding their party flag could be found in this photo. They have climbed upon the Shore Temple which is identified by UNESCO as a world heritage center, thereby imperiling the monument is a punishable crime under various acts, including but not limited to Ancient Monument Preservation act.

The temple was built around 700 AD by Emperor Mahendra Pallava & his son Emperor Narasimha Pallava who lived at the same time of Emperors like Pulikesi & Harsha Vardhana.
As a responsible citizen of this country I would request you take stern action immediately on those who made these attempts and those who caused to make such attempts (by motivating etc) along with their responsible leaders, for endangering the monument which is a standing example of architectural brilliance of our ancient Indians.


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