Calling on the AUSD Administration to take action now! / 请AUSD学区立即行动!

Calling on the AUSD Administration to take action now! / 请AUSD学区立即行动!

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Arcadia Unified School District Board of Trustees and

Why this petition matters

Dear Parents and Neighbors of the Arcadia Unified School District,

Please join us in addressing the shared concerns to the School District’s Administration.

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, parents have been concerned about the Arcadia Unified School District’s response. The district has responded with inefficient testing, nonexistent distance learning options, and inadequate safe in-person instruction since the reopening in 2021. Many letters have been written to the administration addressing these concerns, but the parents have just been told that “[the district] meets the county minimum requirements”.

We ask that the Arcadia Unified School District take into account the concerns and requests below to ensure the safety and health of our students and the community.

  1. To provide mandatory weekly testing for both students and teachers, districtwide.
  2. To provide enforcement in regards to social distancing during lunches and breaks to prevent the spread of the very contagious Coronavirus: Omicron Variant.
  3. To implement steps to ensure education for all students who are not able to attend school through distance learning and short term independent study.
    *This should apply to all students who are in quarantine and those who choose not to attend school for precautionary reasons during outbreaks.*
  4. To keep the parents and public informed of the same crucial information other districts provide such as vaccination rates and accumulated cases on the COVID Dashboard.

Our students are our future and resources should be provided to the district’s best ability, not just the minimum requirements by the County and/or State, to protect our students’ health. We appreciate your time and consideration for the above concerns and solutions provided by the parents with guidance from the CDC, CDE, CDPH, LACDPH, and LACOE. We  ask that you take action now.



自新冠病毒大流行开始,市民们、家长们就一直担心阿卡迪亚联合学区的反应。尤其在2021 年重新开放之后,这个学区的测试效率低下、绝口不提远程学习选项以及校园面授课程安全措施存在诸多隐患。民众已向学区领导层写了许多信件呼吁解决这些问题,可是市民和家长们却被告知“[学区] 符合县政府的最低要求”。


  1. 为全区的学生和教师提供强制性的每周测试。
  2. 在午餐和休息期间加强社交距离管控,以防止传染性极强的欧米克荣冠状病毒的传播:Omicron Variant。
  3. 采取措施确保无法上学的所有学生通过远程学习和短期自主学习接受教育。
  4. 让家长和公众了解与其它学区提供的相同重要信息,例如 COVID 统计表格上的疫苗接种率和每日病例和累积病例。

学生是我们的未来,政府应该为激发学区的最佳运作提供保障和支持,而不仅仅将县和/或州的最低要求奉若神明,裹足不前,这样才能有效有序地保护我们学生的健康。我们感谢您在 CDC、CDE、CDPH、LACDPH 和 LACOE 的指导下为家长提供的上述问题和解决方案付出的时间和考量。我们要求学区领导立即采取应有的行动!

AUSD 家长、学生和邻居

649 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!