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DragonBall FighterZ Optional Spanish (Latin American) Dub

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The title says it all but I'll try my best to explain why this is important. Whether this is the right platform for this kind of petitions or not, that's nor another day.

Back in the 90s, when the internet didn't exist and the world wasn't as globalized as today, dubbing was the way to go in series, films, and documentaries, but not in videogames. People were used to watch tv in their own language and play videogames in English. Most of us struggled in videogames but it wasn't that bad, voices in videogames didn't go beyond sound effects. The rest was text.

Television, on the other hand, was, at least in my country, dubbed to Spanish. We would recognize voices from different films from hearing them over and over again. Specially on animation. 

A whole generation was introduced to DragonBall in Spanish. For years and years to come, the voices and the characters became one. Recently, it was confirmed DBFZ will have an English dub with some of the voice actors from the show that aired in USA. 

I'm sure people in Mexico, Central, and South America will appreciate and recognize the voices from the show. Please, make this happen.

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