Fix BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle roster! DLC trouble.

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In the last year, we have seen announced announced probably one of the most hyped fighting games of the year, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. A game than has left us expectant with the union of 3 fighting franchises (UNIEL, Persona 4 Arena and  Blazblue) in just one plus RWBY characters for the first time. Everything it was good... until the last days. In one trailer, Arcsys has confirmed the launch of the game  (May 31 in Japan, June 5 in America and Europe) AND Blake (RWBY) as DLC, leftting with a bad taste in our mouths since this have been announced 6 MONTHS before the game will release. And then, the DLC trouble attacks again, with the confirmation of the Limited Box edition, announcing too than it'll be not only one DLC but 20 DLC CHARACTERS in 9 different packages:

"Additional Character All-in-One Pack
Personaje DLC: Blake Belladonna
DLC Character Set Vol. 1: ???, ???, y ???
DLC Character Set Vol. 2: ???, ???, y ???
DLC Character Set Vol. 3: ???, ???, y ???
DLC Character Set Vol. 4: ???, ??? y ???
DLC Character Set Vol. 5: ???, ???, y ???
DLC Character Set Vol. 6: ???, ???, y ???
DLC Character: ???"  

Also, considering Blake Belladona is a single character add-on and there is another single character add on confirmed, the impression it get us for the other Character Sets is that all of the characters included in this packages will be characters than appeared previously in other games, which makes the DLC Trouble even worse.

The DLC fiasco has come again, and we can´t let this happen. We know ArcSys its a small publisher and developer, but this is a bad business model than harms the fans and the game itself. It happened with SFxT, the game just had flopped, and even too with  MvC Infinite, that had left the game just in a bad state. If this happen, it will compromise not only this game, but future ArcSys games too. There are other most honest ways to support the developers, but this isn't the case. 

Please sign this for the future not only of this, but for gaming itself too!