Objection! QT101, QT66, QT69-Northern Queens Bus proposals don’t benefit riders

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The Queens bus redesign affects all of the communities in the Borough. By prioritizing ways to save money, the MTA has proposed to change existing buses by eliminating local service and rerouting lines. The new proposal often causes users to transfer multiple times, (instead of one time or less) or forces them to use the subway system which for most part is not accessible for the disabled, seniors, or anyone who has an issue with stairs. It also doesn't take into consideration that without proper bus connections, subway stop locations may not be walkable for many. 

Affected local routes include the Q101, Q66, and Q69.

Under the new proposal the Q101 will no longer go into Manhattan, and will be rerouted into Brooklyn forcing Astoria residents, (most of whom work in the city) to either use the subway or make additional transfers. The former includes 2 stairways and crowded (if one can even squeeze on) standing room only subway cars, while the latter adds to their travel time and outside exposure. Astoria has many workers and seniors (for medical and other reasons) who need to get back and forth from Manhattan. 

The Q66 which runs from Flushing to Queensborough South will no longer provide service into Astoria. This will negatively impact residents from many neighborhoods as well as local businesses. The alternative proposal for Astoria combines two bus lines into a single limited bus route ending at Roosevelt Island. Not only will this add both commute time and further walking distances for the riders, it will also adversely affect key business and entertainment venues. Steinway St, 48th St, UA Kaufman, The Museum of the Moving Image, the N/W lines, and the riverfront, will no longer be easily reached or properly serviced. 

The Q69 which connects Queensbough South to Jackson Heights will become a Limited Stop Bus route, forcing riders to walk somewhere between 5-10 street blocks to get to the next stop. This route is widely used by shoppers carrying grocery bags, students with heavy loads, mothers with strollers, and seniors. The MTA claims by skipping a local stop they will save 20 seconds, but does that make the extra walking and transfer time worth while for the average rider?

While the proposed redesign does contain some good ideas for certain parts of the Borough, it mostly handicaps almost every segment of the population in favor of saving time by sacrificing service. Due to public outcry the MTA has recently made an increased effort to publicize the proposed changes, however most of the riders still remain ignorant of what could be looming in the future if no further action is taken. 

It is an example of poor planning with little to no communication or prior community outreach. Not only did the MTA fail to get sufficient rider input beforehand, it also neglected to get feedback from their own bus drivers prior to drafting the plan.

Please join in and help the residents of Queens, as well as those in all of the other affected boroughs, keep the service we have always relied on. 

Although this petition is about  "Queens Buses" it is a reminder of a larger issue. If program cuts like this are allowed to continue to go into affect, then others will always follow. The pay more for less approach will continue to impact our daily lives. Let's work together to prove that we, the everyday ordinary folk can make a difference. The truth is that we DO matter, and let's not forget it. Let's make sure the changes are good for BOTH the riders as well as the MTA.

If we go go about our business and accept this as the new norm, the by saying nothing, we get nothing in return.

Thank you.