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Add English Langauge To the Game Drift City Japan And For the Page From Arario

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Hello I Start This petition because i want The English Language  In the Game Drift City And The  Company Arario Schould  make it Multi language Allow to Choose between English And Japanese And they schould add the Option to view The Arario Page on English

Drift City Was  Game Which was On Much Publishers For Example Bigpoint,Sevengames,Ijji &  At last Gamecampus 

Most English Speaking Players want to play it again But the Only version Human From Around the World Can play is the Japanese One 

You can Still Play it and Even make a account but most people will not Know how 

I even did a youtube Tutorial To show how but still it isnt enough to boost the English Community 

Much people Will not Join because they dont understand much from the game 

Even if its easy to play and understand how you can play and expierienced gamers schould almost have no problems 

This is the official Arario Page

And This is my Tutorial


I Know it isnt very good but still  better than no Tutorial 

I hope The people From Will help me


If we have the english language it is almost  like ve newer lost the game 



 And Friends We Can try it with a Other way too Try to contact Publishers And maybe someone will Publish a English Version this is a Second way 


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