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Consider ALL Campion workers when shifting their positions!

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Everyone is being moved around by seniority, according to an Aramark decision. Some workers get to choose where they go based on seniority. Some workers don't want to be moved. Some workers' hours are being cut, and most cannot afford to take the pay cut. Others' hours are being shifted which puts stress on their family life as the night shift, etc. may greatly inconvenience them. Aramark needs to find a better, more just system to shift workers around. Workers in Campion and DB will soon be in completely different spots. The workers at the wrap station, the stir fry station, HawkWrap, Subway, Grill Works, you name it. These excellent people, all over, have built a rapport with students for a very long time. To move them around will not only dramatically decrease productivity, it will diminish the daily friendly interactions with students. Students look forward to seeing those welcoming faces at specific stations, and this push by management disregards these interactions, but mostly the workers, as none of them were taken into consideration during the decision. Some workers who interact with students every day will be moved to the back to wash dishes and never interact again! This is completely unfair to the workers. 

EDIT: I just want to make a few things clear here. I am not saying to return everyone to their original positions. I am not saying that management has all the say. Aramark does. I am not saying that judging by seniority is wrong. People with seniority should have the ability to somewhat choose. I am not saying that everyone is unhappy. I am saying that some workers are not happy with this. Some even voiced that "Aramark doesn't care about us". This is about being a Jesuit institution. I believe SJU has the duty to institute the same just working environments that we promote so readily. The people who are not happy, no matter how small, deserve to have their voices heard. That's what we are signing for. 

Sign to encourage Aramark and the SJU Dining management to consider all their worker in this careless "business" decision. 

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