Retirada de la Panga, Tilapia y similares de los comedores escolares

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The panga, a river fish found in children's dining rooms throughout Spain, is a Vietnamese river fish. The problem is not the fish, but where it comes from: from the Mekong River breeding sites, where the polluting waste is discharged from China, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam ... the control of the discharges to the rivers is insufficient or not It exists in these countries. Mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals gather in the river delta, just where these breeding sites are located. Despite the repeated complaints of the parents, the company ARAMARK frequently includes it in the menu for their school canteens from the age of three. Spain is one of the countries with the best fishing grounds and where there is a whole culture related to fish. Why do we allow them to impose this on our children?

FOR THE HEALTH OF OUR CHILDREN, we want to STOP this situation and for this we write this address to company staff who can understand our concern and solution to our request.

Jose Alberto Rubio Pereira (Center Director) Jose Luis Paez (Head Chef at Aramark services); Juan Lorenzo Conde Baena (Director of education operations or Health Aramark).

First of all thank you and we look forward to your collaboration.






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