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Petitioning Aramark Food Services at Heidelberg University

Aramark Food Services at Heidelberg U: Provide healthier alternatives to fried main dishes

The health of Heidelberg's students ultimately starts with the food you offer. Currently, a unfortunately large percentage of main dishes are greasy and/or fried.

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Aramark Food Services at Heidelberg University
My digestive system gurgles as I write this...While Aramark has provided Heidelberg University with delicious and filling meals for years, I have been continually disappointed with the number of main courses that are offered that are either greasy or fried...or both. From the pizza, to the fried chicken, to the hamburgers and beyond, both Hoernemann Refectory and Fireside Cafe Pub offer many, many unhealthy choices - and few healthy options. All I ask is that, when possible, try to bake or grill chicken; avoid excess grease on the pizza; collect the grease from the hamburgers to avoid letting the unfortunate last few in line receive a grease-saturated burger; and avoid other unnecessary greasy or fried situations. We don't demand much, just that you try to consider the health and wellness of your students when you provide main dishes (as opposed to side dishes like vegetables and salads, which are healthy but hard to make a meal of). Thank you.

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