I want to break down stupid rules of my university campus.

I want to break down stupid rules of my university campus.

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We want justice.........

Pankaj Garg is a criminal,& we want justice for us.

As you have heard “KASHMIR IS HEAVEN ON EARTH” in the same jayoti vidya pith is “HELL on earth” It is a death trap …so save yourself…At the time of admission they will treat you as princess ..but once you get inside they (pankaj garg and his team) will show their true faces.University has some crazy rules ..and they call it discipline.

1) No mobile phones ( as we want our students to be focussed..)but everyone uses facebook ,watches movies,serials,by using proxy sites…in fact due to this restriction some girls have developed exceptionally well cyber hacking techniques .

2 )we provide landline phone in room with registerd mobile numbers so our students do not talk to their boyfriends….seriously pankaj!!! you are such a loser,have you heard about a feature called conference call??? many students register their friends number who can conference their call with their boyfriends,some have registered their boyfriend number in name of some female friends.

3 )NO Maggie no milk no coffee no green tea ,in short you cannot buy things from outside ,why…???because they sell everything in double price in their canteen.BLOODY DACOITS

4) As jaipur is located in himalays it has a very plesant and cool weather…This is the thinking of mr pankaj garg..I wonder who has taught him geogarphy…so the rule is you cannot enter hostel till 3 pm no matter what..whether you have classes or not..even if your class gets over at 11 waitoutside till 3 in afternoon..enjoy the scorching sun…get some vitamin D..even if yamraj comes you cannot enter hostel.

5) No electricity in room from 8 am in morning till 3pm .Those rule has been made so that all students attend class..as attendence is very important ,if attendence is less than 70% you will not get to take exams..but if you pay 10000–20000 you will get to take exams..kyunki pankaj ko paise pasand h rules jaye tel lene.paisa pek tamasha dekh..

6)you cannot leave hostel till entire course…if you wish to leave you have to pay entire hostel amount for entire course!!!! but this rule will not be told to you while taking admission.

7)you cannot keep salt ,chilli powder,sugar, and spice,any glass plates,knife,rope,scissor, in short nothing …according to pankaj garg these things are found with terrorist.

8)you have to go and eat in mess ,no matter what..even if you are sick ..walk 3 km eat….then again walk 3 km back..no body can bring food from hostel mess to their room ..not even a single chapati!!! as pankaj believes jayoti vidya pith is giving military training…GOD lagta h women empowerment ka bhoot bahut zoor se sar chadha h uske.

9)whenever you come back from home…your luggage will be thoroughly checked with metal detectors..,they will tear even packets of haldiram..to search for mobile phones…your socks,undergarments, in short you will be naked…Once they tore open a teddy bear which a girl brought from her house.

10) you will not get leave easily ,no matter how genuine your problem is,some students have made their fake wedding cards or medical reports to get a single day out.

11) no windows or balcony in rooms as girls can jump out and commit suicide…but still girls have comitted suicide…as super intelligent pankaj garg has given ceiling fans in rooms…as if they cannot be used for suicide…He is damm intelligent.

12) if you wish to join some coaching in final year you have to pay 10000 per mont as conveyance fees to university.

These are just some rules..if I begin to type more I think I can write a novel on insanity…of pankaj garg

DO NOT TAKE ADMISSION HERE ..this is torturing,you will miss golden moments of your college life.you will not be able to prepare for any competitive exam as internet connection is very limited ,you cannot click photographs as memories of your college life or of any event you participated…academics is average here..most teachers leave in between,some semeters have to be managed without teachers…many branches of engineering has been closed due to less students or no faculty.Pankaj garg is in love with imposing fines,every small mistake will cost you 10000-15000.Food and water is pathetic…only good food is served on maa vidhusi's birthday( she is not Goddess but pankaj's wife.On her every birthday she gets luxury cars like audi…akhir fine ka paisa isi liye to jamma karta h pankaj. In the name of girls safety he is torturing them ,curbing their basic fundamental rights,Its no university but a jail..students cannot speak up with fear of getting resticatted.Pankaj garg does not pays taxes , a student died in 2012 as she was very sick but was not allowed to go out and consult a good doctor, a girl comitted suicide on 1 may 2019..I will attach some photographs in my support.one more important thing competitions are organised for writing online reviews on social media and quora.. for best answers…so now you can understand why you get good reviews by students.

ps- I am writing anonymously to protect my self from getting resticatted…please save yourselves and hard earned money of your parents.


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