Arabic as a second language

Arabic as a second language

May 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Doaa Alasadi

Dear Mr. President Joe Biden, 

Hope you are doing well.

Arabic is one of the very important language for Arab and non-Arab people, this language can give a lot of opportunities to our future generations to find better careers in the USA and in different countries over seas. 

The Arabic language is a language spoken by many Muslims and non-Muslims, In the USA only there is more than 2.7 million people who speak Arabic, also as parents we wish our kids can have the support from their public schools to learn their mother language (Arabic) for free.

 Arabic teachers who teach Arabic in the USA to Arabic and non-Arabic students wish our students can have the chance to learn the language they want to learn in their schools for free. We believe the positive affect of the schools teaching Arabic at a very young age will help them to be experts in this language, especially because the states have very large communities of Arabic people that are in need of this option adding Arabic as a second language in the USA public schools and we hope we can give them the chance to learn Arabic from elementary school and do not have to wait until they become a high schooler. Arabic can give the opportunities to American students to find jobs with higher rate payments. 

We kindly request you to take the necessary steps to make learning Arabic for free as the right of millions students in USA.



Arab in America.


Signed and created by

Doaa M Alasadi

For any information or if you need any support or help to make this dream happen, I'm always ready to volunteer.


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Signatures: 6,218Next Goal: 7,500
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