Stop the increase in mess amenities fee (1000/- to 1680/-) at Indian Institute of Science

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Indian institute of science, an Instiutte of Eminence, has always been an afforable place for students irrespective of their financial background. But the recent increases in mess ammenities charges and requirement to pay mess fees in lumpsum amounts (only for batches from 2017 onwards) has escalated the burden on students.

Previously, the mess ammenities charges had been increased from Rs. 600/- to Rs. 1000 in 2017, just before the arrival of new batch of students. Most likely, this year during the arrival of new students, it may increase from Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 1680/- per month, from the month of August. These changes would generally happen just before the arrival of freshers and mostly unknown to existing students until they see the notice (and with the fragile student participation during these months, efforts to stop these changes were barely effective).

This change would mean that one has to pay around Rs. 5500-7000/- per month, towards mess and hostel fees. This would accumilate upto Rs.35000/- upto 40000/- per semetser. For students with stipends of Rs. 12400/- to 28000/- permonth, this is a huge financial undertaking and this will impact us and our families, especially for reseach students, where families are dependent on their income. Also, with the requirement to pay mess frees at lumpsum, an existing research student would pay Rs.35000/- in the months of July/ August (which is an issue for another petition), leading to unaffordable research environment.

This petition is to create awareness about the possible increase (upto Rs.1680/- or any other increase) in mess fees and also to campaign against unaffordable research environment we are heading into.