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change zoning ordinances

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I received a zoning violation for my mini julianna pig that is almost 1. He is kept in our house and only goes outside to use the bathroom. When he does go outside in our backyard we have a privacy fence. He is very loving and friendly, and most of all a member of our family. He is smart, clean, small, and acts better than many dogs I hear in our neighborhood. He would never hurt anyone.

Pig Facts:

"Pigs are complex creatures and have many desirable qualities. They are intelligent (the fourth most intelligent animal after humans, primates, and whales/dolphins). They are also easily trained, affectionate, curious, playful, clean (no shedding), odor-free, relatively quiet (no barking), and usually non-allergenic."

" Pigs are incapable of sweating."

"Pigs have absolutely no odor."

I COULD GO ON, but the point of this is MY pig, my childrens pet, a member of our family, is NOT hurting anyone and yet is being told by the city he can't stay. We are not in the position to move currently, but I just can't sit by and accept this when I see NO reasoning for it.

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