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Stop the industrial Aquafarming in open Lakes!

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At Lake Toba on Sumatra in Indonesia operates since 1998 the Swiss Company Regal Springs Holding AG with a huge Fish Farm. They produce around 40.000 tons of Tilapia there. They feed the fish mostly with the GMO soy from the US-Company Cargill. It is getting enriched with phosphates. 1998 it was a clean lake and everybody could drink the water. No the lake has:

  • the biggest vulcanic lake is short before a turnaround
  • already now the fish kill starts
  • a PH up to 9,5
  • the visibility is less than one meter
  • The phosphate concentration is going up to more than 100 mikrogram/liter
  • the temperature of the lake increased from 26 to 30 C in the last half year
  • the blue algae Annabaena grows and produce the liver toxin Microcystine. The water even cooked cannot consumed anymore.
  • The University of Bogor said: It is a fully eutrophic lake now!

Lake Toba should become UNESCO Geopark. But with Aquafarms which destroy the whole lake this is not possible. 

Regal Springs developed together with the WWF a Certificate for sustainable fish from Aquaculture the ASC-Certificate. But in Europe or the US or Canada this kind of Aquafarming never will be allowed. But the Swiss and US Company can do this in Indonesia, Honduras, Mexico and now they want to pollute a lake in Brasil. All the ASC-farms are in less developed countries and the fish is getting sold in the rich countries. Regal springs sell over 60 % of the Fish in the US, the rest in Switzerland and in Europe. 

In Switzerland if you would give only 100 g of the food to the lake the police will catch you and you will get judged. But Swiss companies can do this around the globe. Destroy one lake after the next. This has to be stopped. The Sustainable Development Goals have to work already here. 

We collect a lot of the material why this kind of fish farming has to be stopped around the world. You will find all on our webpage

Now it looks like that the 300.000 people around Lake Toba

  • will loose their jobs
  • will loose their income from fishing
  • don´t have water to drink and cook
  • it is getting difficult to get an income from a starting tourism. Who want to make holiday at a broken lake?

And this only because international companies want to earn money. It need to be stopped, that:

  • In Brasil is getting the rainforest cut to plant GNO soy which is getting sprayed with Monsanto´s Roundup
  • the soy food is getting enriched with phosphates.
  • this food getting transported from the US producer Cargill to Lake Toba and other Lakes in poor countries
  • this fish food pellets going to the lake
  • the phosphates are getting washed out and the Exkrements of the fish also contains the phosphates
  • the phosphates stay in Lake Toba for 80 years and more
  • The fish then is getting harvested and transported back to the US or to Europe
  • The dirt of the Fish production stays in the poor countries.

Stop this now and sign the Petition and let Regal Springs pay for there damage!

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