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Change the way in which 14-18 year olds are examined

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In the U.K., students are under severe pressure which is enforced on them by the education system. The bottom line for us is that we either pass or fail, based upon what we write (or recite) on a piece of paper within a set period of time. There is no in between, we either succeed or we do not.

We are taught in a class and rather than complete our examinations with the use of our own ideas and opinions on our subject areas, we are forced into regurgitating a ridiculous number of statistics, facts, theories and irrelevant information. Learning this information causes extreme cases of stress for young people and students throughout their GCSE's and A levels. Yes, earning a qualification should be challenging and enable us to learn, but as the next generation surely we should be expressing our own ideas on how we can move forward in our subject areas. Surely, with all of the mental health issues that are well addressed by the government and around our schools and colleges, the last thing that our education system should be doing is making itself the biggest contributor to that issue.

Our future is based on a set of criteria, not our own creativity, passion or interest in our subjects. It is unfair that so many students are under such immense pressure that they suffer with mental illnesses as a result of how we are examined and the strain that is put on our lifestyles as a result of the way that the exam board and government work. They seperate us is into their flawed class systems by using their flawed education system to "test us". The aim of this petition is to raise awareness of what students have to go through at this stage of their education, how it affects us and our lifestyles and hopefully result in somebody making the necessary changes so that the future generations don't suffer in the same way that I, and many others have done.

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