Resit biology PAPER 1

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I am writting this to express my concern about the Biology Paper 1. After sitting the exam I was disheartened and disappointed with the AQA exam board. The biology paper 1 specification included: cell biology, Organisation, infectious diseases and Bioenergetics. Now I am struggling to understand where that was included in the exam? Surely we have to cover the topics which will be included in the exam. However that wasn’t the case in this paper. Many students have studied day and night including myself and I am disappointed and concerned as this paper does not fit the specification. I don’t believe this exam was rightly fit as we most certainty didn’t expect half the exam to be based on math. This needs to be looked into as our gcse is important we need answers as we’ve studied the topics which AQA themselves have listed that would be present in paper 1 it’s a shame our GCSES weren’t seen as important enough. This matter needs to be taken further. If everyone who agrees can sign this petition, it will help and bring change.