Have Mr. Cronin go over tests and outlines to help us prepare for the APUSH test

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Every single day at Eastlake High School, hundreds of juniors walk gladly into Room 307 to prepare for an effective day of learning with Mr. Cronin. His loud, exhilarating voice fills the room with excitement, joy and a sense of passion; he is there to HELP us, to guide us to reach our potential. With 10+ years of teaching experience and an extensive expertise of his subject matter, Mr. Cronin has helped ALL students with ALL levels of background knowledge thrive in his class. Learning and laughing are symbiotic in this classroom. He always find ways to crack in jokes that relate perfectly into the subject matter, thereby helping us learn via association, instead of the class being solely based on memorization of terms. After every chapter and before every test, he would either have peer-taught review sessions, or he would personally do the chapter outlines himself, adding critical information necessary to help students thrive during the in-class tests and AP test alike. After every test, he would go over the scores of the students and analyze the questions that most students got wrong, again pushing students to achieve.

Unfortunately, there has been a situation brought upon Mr. Cronin that has made him decide that he will no longer review the test outline and/or analyze tests in class, expecting students to completely change their routine. This late into the school year, when someone has become accustomed to a certain way of learning/studying, a drastic change will wreak havoc to most, if not all, students. Without Mr. Cronin applying critical outside information in class discussions, many students will begin to recede in their ability to understand the material, and will most likely preform worse on assessments.

What I am calling for is this: Mr. Cronin goes back to the way that he has always taught us, because in doing so, he will achieve the high level of student interaction and performance that he has already seen. Most students have a great relationship with Mr. Cronin and would love to keep it that way. Without his help, a greater number of students will most likely under preform for the rest of the year, so we need him to stick with us and help us thrive to a level never before seen. If you want Mr. Cronin to go back to his original way of teaching, please sign this petition and help make APUSH great again!

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