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AEP/SWEPCO: Please withdraw the invalid Application in full, docket 13-041-U


AEP is a clear and present danger to Arkansas sovereignty, economy and private property rights.

AEP is an Ohio corporation. AEP has been selling projects to Arkansas piecemeal hiding the truth behind their projects and deceiving APSC: Flint Creek scrubbers, Flint Creek to Shipe Road, Shipe Road to Kings River, and more to come to get APSC approval every time for the last 10 years, only to benefit AEP. The AEP threat is not only about private property rights. AEP is a serious threat to the economy and sovereignty of the Natural State.

Please call Venita McCellon-Allen, SWEPCO President 318-673-3399

1. Why would Arkansas give all its funds to AEP and deny citizens the funds for other projects with long term benefit for the people of Arkansas? For over 10 years, APSC has rubber stamped every AEP large project application, 100% of the time, 17 out 0f 17. Chairman Colette Honorable, Comissioner Olan Reeves, Executive Director John Bethel, Senior Electrical Engineer Clark Cotten and a long list of past and current APSC senior staff are also members of SPP, the agency that helps Arkansas Utility companies requesting power plants and transmission lines, telling the public we need $$$ to keep the lights on, a clear conflict of interest as AEP SWEPCO Entergy Carroll Electric and all other utilities belong to SPP!

2. Why not invest in the forestry, agriculture and eco-tourism for the future of Arkansas?

3. Why would APSC let AEP bankrupt our State? Our public officials at County, State and Federal level repeatedly have told citizens that there is nothing they can do, that all is up to APSC.

Letter to
SWEPCO President Venita McCellon-Allen
AEP Chairman Nick Akins
When SWEPCO filed with APSC on April 3, 2013 they based their application on seventeen false premises. A single false premise makes the entire argument invalid:
1. The SWEPCO project is for the long term benefit of the people of Arkansas for seven generations to come.
2. SPP is an independent agency that manages a reliable Grid for the benefit of the people of Arkansas.
3. APSC will approve the 18th application for major bulk generation and transmission AEP infrastructure. APSC has over the last 10 years approved 17 out of 17 applications; the SWEPCO money spent on lobbying will get it approved.
4. 2014 is just like 2003, there has been no change in technology
5. AEP and the Arkansas Coal Cartel make the rules.
6. “There is nothing the people of Arkansas can do.” If they don’t like it, they can move to Missouri or go back to Texas.
7. There is an increased demand of electricity.
8. Coal by Wire is the only way to meet increased demand.
9. Bulk power is the only way to provide electric service.
10. Bulk transmission is safe, secure, reliable and affordable.
11. The environmental impact of transmission lines is minimal.
12. The people of Arkansas are in favor of the line.
13. AEP/SWEPCO should be granted the power of eminent domain to take people’s land by force.
14. Missouri needs electrical power that can only be met by the proposed transmission line.
15. Trespassing Missouri to spare the rich people of Bella Vista, AR is acceptable and moral.
16. The Missouri Public Service Commission does not need to be consulted or informed about Route 109. The MO PSC will follow whatever APSC decides, Arkansas overrules the sovereignty of Missouri, Arkansas is better than Missouri.
17. There will be no public opposition; people know “there is nothing you can do to stop SWEPCO in Arkansas.”

Please withdraw this invalid application

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