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APS pricipals: Go Pink Day in Schools

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Six years ago, on my older sister’s birthday, my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  On December 19, 2006, my mom aka my hero was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. That was the day my family’s life changed.


 I was young and scared. At school I wanted to get all the support for Breast Cancer I could get. I couldn’t get any. I tried to invite friends to the Breast Cancer walks every year. None of them came. I asked my friends if they would wear pink just to show support. Only few did. I was grateful for that few but at age 8 I felt like I needed more. My family and I went on the walks every year. However, looking back now it would have been wonderful if we had just had a Go Pink day in school.

My sister and I helped as much as we could at ages 8 and 12. I cooked sometimes, and she did laundry. We did our chores, and worked together to do mom’s. We let my dad rest and made him sandwiches before he went to work. My grandmothers and aunts came and watched us and sometimes helped with cooking and laundry. I waited for a Go Pink day.

Finally, when I was in 6th grade, I heard my friend talking about Go Pink day the next day and about how she hoped her and her friends could start a chain. They were popular, and when I showed up the next day I was so excited to see a lot of kids and teachers in pink. I hoped there would be another in 7th grade, but there wasn’t.

This is why I am trying to get a Go Pink day. I am in high school and I am hoping that I can get my school to wear pink on every Friday in October.  I have talked to my friends and they think it would be fun. I go to school with my sister and I think she and my mom would really appreciate it. My family will not forget that day in December.


If you are with me on this and believe we can make it happen, we can petition the principles of APS to put a Go Pink Day in their school.

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