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We have had ENOUGH!! We demand ACCOUNTABILITY and CHANGE!!


On March 5th; The Varsity Football team at Wakefield High School (Arlington, Va.) took the field to compete against Marshall High School (Fairfax, Va.) Throughout the game the Wakefield players endured racial slurs, unjust treatment and one of the most vile attacks of spitting on one of our players, DURING A PANDEMIC. The officials for the game were repeatedly informed of these attacks; and did nothing to stop them.  

The players that were attacked are currently suspended for one game for defending themselves. Marshall's athletics teams have consistently demonstrated a culture of bigotry and unsportsmanlike conduct. As we have told our players this is bigger than football. We will no longer tolerate a culture of systemic racism, blatant racism and bigotry. We are shining the light on the continuing culture of tolerance for unjust and discriminatory practices in sports, schools and society. 

We would like to see the following happen: 

1. An immediate apology from Marshall and their football program

2. An apology from the VHSL for not ensuring fair play

3. A reversal of the suspension for the attacked players

4. Mandatory diversity and inclusion training for local athletes, coaches and officials.

# PlayFairNow