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In MAY 2016, a group of April Sound property owners began probing into the fiscal health of April Sound Property Owner's Association, Inc. (ASPOA).

Owners simply wanted to know how their dues were spent - money that comprises a $2 million annual budget.

Property Code 209 states any property owner may view financial documents of their HOA/POA. ASPOA refuses to open its books to the level legally obligated. The documents withheld include the general ledger and bank statements.

Rather than produce the records as requested, ASPOA filed a defamation lawsuit against two property owners in the Montgomery County 284th District Court (Cause #16-09-10168).

  • SEPTEMBER 2, 2016:  ASPOA files defamation lawsuit against two property owners
  • DECEMBER 21, 2016: Judge Cara Wood dismisses the lawsuit against one defendant. 
  • JANUARY 11, 2017:  ASPOA withdraws the defamation lawsuit against the second defendant.

As predicted from the onset, the lawsuit was frivolous, and cost property owners over $50,000 in legal fees.

  • FEBRUARY 11, 2017:  Fake ACC election. Property owners demanded an election of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) because too many blatant mistakes were made by the current, handpicked members - people who were appointed with Johnny Kopecky's input (according to former ACC member Lee Reed). Property owners were fearful a lawsuit would occur if the unethical business practices were not stopped. 

ASPOA disregarded the request; instead, holding a fake election. By "fake election," ASPOA refused to abide by the deed restrictions - which allow property owners the right to vote for 3 members (who are April Sound property owners) for the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).

Instead of voting from a list of candidates, ASPOA intentionally confused property owners by merely giving them the choice of "REMOVE" or "CONTINUE." Those were the only choices on the fake ballot. Since offsite owners were not sure what to do, they simply voted to "CONTINUE."

Property owners were right to be concerned.

  • MARCH 21, 2017:  Cause #17-03-03651 is filed in the 410th Montgomery County District Court. A new round of financial waste was set in motion. ASPOA is fighting to perpetuate the prejudices the ACC allows in favor of friends, and against property owners not in good favor of the ACC and ASPOA. The  catalyst for the lawsuit is a property owner who is a known friend of not only the ACC, but of ASPOA board members.
  • APRIL 28, 2017:  ASPOA files a General Denial, citing (in the opinion of many) irrelevant policies, a mistaken interpretation of the deed restrictions, and several other baseless defenses.

This battle is yet another unnecessary financial burden to property owners, and the ASPOA board chairman, Johnny Kopecky, is wielding his power of the purse strings once again. This must stop.

  • JULY 13, 2017:  Quietly appearing on the ASPOA website is the presentation of a new member of the ACC. The individual was, once again, appointed. No election was held. Property owners are livid at the notion that an individual was #1: appointed to the ACC; and, #2: has only owned property in the community less than 60 days. 
  • OCTOBER 17, 2017:  There will be no more updates in the body of the petition. Please check the individual postings for updates. We never expected this quest to drag out this long, but it has, so we play the hand we're dealt, right?!

These practices are unacceptable, unethical, and unprofessional.

The only way to stop these types of business practices is to have a board of ethical, transparent, and honest ASPOA board members.

Send your contact information to us to be included in the movement for community improvement. 

Show your support by signing the petition, agreeing ASPOA must offer a transparent, honest, and ethical board of trustees. Demand ASPOA to settle the lawsuit with the property owners immediately. 

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