Brittani's Law - Holding drug sellers accountable

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On March 15, 2015 I lost my beautiful 18 yr old daughter to a fentanyl overdose. A man she was dating had gotten her involved in heroin use . Later she had gone to rehab and was doing very well, living with my older daughter , working , and helping take care of her niece. March 15th was like any other , a little rainy and cold for that time of year. I received a call from my oldest daughter that she believed her younger sister had overdosed. We called 911 and i drove as fast as i could praying and crying the entire way. As i pulled up to the house the ambulance was there but I could not go in , afraid of what i would see. They brought my granddaughter to me and i held her tighter than i held anyone before. I saw them bring her out of the house on the stretcher and i couldn't move. After they left i went in the house to check on my oldest daughter who obviously was hysterical. I asked the paramedic if my daughter had any pulse and they told me there was none. I was then informed that i needed to leave to get to the hospital and the Chief EMT drove me there. On the way to the hospital on the radio I heard the hospital calling the paramedics to ask what the time of death was. I knew they were talking about my daughter. Completely numb i arrived at the hospital, i entered and was placed in a private area. In my head and heart i knew there was no hope. No more than 10 minutes later the doctor came out and delivered the news i knew i was going to hear. My beautiful blonde haired blue eyed baby girl was gone . She was 18 and had so much life and love to carry on. As family arrived at the hospital i was in a state blackness. No feelings other than thinking i will never hold her again, never hear her voice again, explaining to her 4 other siblings that she was gone. Nothing before March 15th indicated she was using any drugs. That day she went grocery shopping and had a conversation about babysitting her niece that evening, in between she had gone out with a friend . When she came home the 2nd time she went into her room and used what we had assumed was heroin, it was NOT. As weeks went by we finally were told of the autopsy results. There was no heroin nor any other drug in her body except fentanyl. My emotions were anger and sadness beyond anything comparable. The police had her phone and other evidence, on the day she passed away her phone did not have its security on. I spoke to the investigators a few times and they were able to find who it was bought from. It will be 3 yrs on March 15, 2018 and yet nothing has been done. Someone sold her this drug purposely and they have gotten away with it. They are living there lives and probably destroying someone elses and i sit here as a mother grieving everyday. It never goes away...the anger , sadness, frustration, and pain. We must hold accountable the drug dealers. They must be charged and sentenced accordingly. My daughter was an all american girl, never had any trouble, loving, good hearted , and funny. Our world is gone and it will never be the same . Her addiction wasnt started from having a bad home life, poor family or any of the other stereotypes, it was started because of a relationship she had with someone. I am asking every mother, every father, every brother and sister, aunt and uncle, and grandparent to get involved and sign this petition so we can get a law passed that holds these sellers accountable in wake of a death. This would be called Brittani's Law. On facebook you can join our page titled Brittani's Hope. It is for educating, stories, and news items. We need to make some noice and save our children. I can be reached at 

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