April is the official 'Don't Have Sex With Republicans Month'

I think we should add all the paid mistresses and paid sex workers who have sex with Republicans. These "working women" are, after all, primarily WOMEN, and should for the month of April, be willing to take a money loss to show their SOLIDARITY. They are affected by all women's issues such as Contraception, Abortion, Discrimination, Domestic Violence, etc. There should be no "us" and "them" issues among us.
Also, it would be lovely if the MALE PARTNERS OF THE MANY CLOSETED GAY REPUBLICAN LAWMAKERS would ALSO support this Sex-Strike. That would show solidarity, and women can and do support LGBT issues also.
No, I am not saying this with an ironic smirk. I am SERIOUS. Be inclusive in your thinking.

A Slogan:
"Friends Don't Let Friends Have Sex With A Republican".
How's that?

Barbara Tomlinson, Seattle, WA, United States
10 years ago
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