Corey's Law

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Stop "next of kin" to your blood relatives, from keeping you from saying goodbye to your family member.  

Did you know they can do this?  Corey Allen Bentley was my brother for 33 years, my daughter's uncle for 24 years. We weren't allowed to see Corey to tell him goodbye the proper way before he was cremated.

Why?  Because of a vindictive "next of kin" that knew they had full control.  The funeral home that had my brother stated they had never seen this happen before, and we're sorry, but laws state the "next of kin" has full control of these arrangements.

These arrangements were cancelled by the "next of kin", but in order to get my brother's ashes, my Dad and Sister still had to pay for it because "the next of kin" refused to pay!  

We also finally picked up his ashes 6 months after he died because "the next of kin" left him at the funeral home.  

My brother is now home where he belongs.  The Bentley family thinks these laws are unacceptable, and we hope to help prevent this from ever happening to another family.

The ONLY person who has a right to keep anyone away from our immediate family is the deceased themselves in a detailed Will.  

My brother and I were close, and he loved his niece. We had a right to say goodbye, and anyone with a conscience would have allowed it.

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