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Approve request for Humanitarian Parole for Anastasiya "Sofia" Petrova (Case #MSC1499990791)

At age 15, Anastasiya "Sofia" Petrova was banished to Siberia by her mother and step-father.  Not only was she deceived into traveling to Siberia, she was mislead into thinking she would return in a couple of weeks.  Upon arriving there, her nightmare began.  She was told there were no travel papers to return to the US and she needed to live with her biological father who did not speak English and whom she had never met before.  It turns out her biological father was not equipped to care for her - and given Sofia has limited Russian language skills and no permanent residence, she is at great risk.  Sofia dreams of completing her education in the US where she lived from age 2-15 and where she attended high school.  Sofia needs to return home.  With USCIS' approval of her application for Humanitarian Parole, Sofia can at least travel to the US temporarily.  Your support of this petition will let USCIS know that Sofia has so many supporters in the US who care about her future.

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  • c/o Elizabeth Runge, HAB Chief USCIS Adjudicating Officer, Humanitarian Affairs Branch, USCIS
    Adjudicating Officer, Humanitarian Affairs Branch, USCIS

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