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Approve overseas extended rear-facing car-seats for the Australian market.

Rear-facing in the car is FIVE times safer than forward-facing for kids under the age of 4. Safety and health experts around the world recommend children remain rear-facing in the car until the age of 2 (America/Canada/New Zealand) or 4 (Sweden/Scandinavia). Young children have heavy heads that are large in proportion to their bodies. Rear-facing is a safer, gentler way for them to ride down a collision. When a young child is sitting in the forward-facing position in an accident, their head is thrown violently forward, putting all the force of the collision onto their vulnerable spine which is still under-developed as the child is still growing. Rear-facing keeps a child's head, neck and spine fully aligned during a collision, thus protecting them from head, neck and spinal injuries. There are currently no extended rear-facing car-seats available in Australia, despite the Australian Child-Restraint Standard and the Australian Road Laws allowing for children up to the age of 4 to remain rear-facing. Australian parents currently have no choice but to turn their children forward-facing at a very young age when they outgrow the low rear-facing limits of their Australian Standards car-seats. Extended rear-facing car-seats for children up to 4 years of age are available around the world. However they are currently still not legal in Australia because they haven't been tested or approved by the 5-tick Australian Standard. Australian parents deserve to have this option available for their children, and the children of Australia deserve to have this life-saving technology made available to them.

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