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Petitioning Oneida Seven Generations Corp Kevin Cornelius and 5 others

Approve Industrial Permit for 7 Generations Corp on Oneida Reservation Land

We urged the full City Council of Green Bay, WI. to restore the "conditional use permit" to the Oneida Seven 7 Generations Corp (7G) for their Renewable Energy. The 7G not only complied with every request from the City's Planning Commisson, it was awarded permits from federal, state, and local regulators to operate the Renewable Energy plant. The city's Planning Commission stated they know and expect plans to change as businesses study and comply with the CUP. 

Now  that the matter of the revoked cup permit is in court, we support the creation of a smaller version of a "plastics to oil" recycling plant to be built on the Oneida Indian reservation.  We believe this smaller version of the recyling technology with a lower heating temperature will, not only reduce plastics waste in landfill and contribute to alternative fuel sources, but it will serve as a working model for the larger "municipal waste to energy " recycling plant.

Letter to
Oneida Seven Generations Corp Kevin Cornelius
Oneida Land Commission Amelia Cornelius
Oneida Land Comission Rocquel Hill
and 3 others
Oneida Land Commission Corinna Charles
Oneida Business Committee, Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin Greg Matson, Vice Chair
Oneida Land Commission Tehassi Hill
We support the Oneida Seven Generations Corp's (OSGC) recyling projects: "msw to energy" recylcing and now the smaller "plastics to oil" project. We encourage the Oneida Land Commission, of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin, to grant the OSGC an industrial zone permit on reservation land so they can, at last, get one of their energy recylcing projects built and operational.

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