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Appropriation, Racism, Black Face & Everything Not Nice!!!!

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A mother posted this on instagram and this is totally unacceptable. As a fellow parent, Black being and a lover of the hip-hop culture this needs to be stopped immediately!!! 

The mother Makini Regal Martin stated "@makini@makiniregaldesigns A few months ago while perusing through Instagram, I came across a sponsored ad for book called #abtojayz by a company called @TheLittlehomie__ The book is a pictorial using Hip Hop artist to teach children their alphabet and numbers. The book has illustrations of artist like Biggie, Nas and Jay Z.
Boy am I glad that I did a google search prior to purchasing the books. Here’s what I found:

1. The owner of the book is an Australian woman named Jessica “J-Pain” China. In her Kickstarter campaign she states that her book is for the next generation of hood rats.
2. To promote the launch of the book, her company posted a meme of a child with a caption that read “Hip Hip Niggas.”
3. Jessica’s husband, Danny Chiha enjoys spending his spare time in #blackface

After much thought I couldn’t help but to take to social media to inform others about this book.

I expressed some of my concerns on their Instagram page but my comment was deleted and I was blocked from their page. This seems to be a common practice of this company.
I don’t know about you but I’m not okay with these N-word using, Blackface wearing, Culture Appropriating folks teaching my child about Hip Hop or anything else, for that matter.

Upon receiving some backlash they removed their disparaging remarks and photos from their social media and Kickstarter page. That is not enough!

I’m asking my social media family to help with the following:

1. Repost. @TheLittlehomie__ has gained quite some traction and an increase in followers due to their social media promotion. Consumers need to be aware of whose pockets their money is going in.
2. If you know any of the artist referenced in the book, send this post to their legal teams. At the very least, they should be paying these artist royalties.
3. If you know someone interested in purchasing this book, explain to them the consequences of allowing companies like this to profit off of black culture while exhibiting racist behavior"

Please let's mobilize and get these books removed and hit it where it hurts, their pockets!!!! If you have a social platform please share there. If you have instagram tag every artist listed in their book and/or every artist, parent, etc., that would be offended by this crime.  They love our culture but they don't respect US!!! Let's help this mom make this issue go viral and be noticed by following her instructions above!!!! 

Barbara Verneus of @tinyandbrave

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