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Petitioning Vice President, Board of Education Norm Abrams and 5 others

Appoquinimink Board of Education: Grant a Hearing for Felecia Duggins

Felecia Duggins, a fine high school administrator and educator in Delaware, has been mistreated, demoted and maligned at public expense, all while the Appoquinimink School District asks taxpayers to support a referendum to finance more of its activities.  

Although Felecia did not prevail in her recent lawsuit and is currently assessing her appellate options, there still exist serious issues about the District's compliance with it's own policies and procedures in her case, including:

- Disparate treatment of faculty, staff & students on the basis of race;

- Refusal to acknowledge or address the hostile climate created by such disparate treatment;

- Failure to comply with the District's drug testing policy; and

- Violation of Delaware Performance Appraisal System requirements in conducting Summative Evaluations.

When hardworking employees stand up for their rights, the District spares no expense in its own legal defense... yet it appears to be reluctant to admit mistakes, to change its practices, or to mediate satisfactory, equitable remedies. This can be corrected.

Felecia should be given an opportunity to present testimony and evidence about these issues, and the Board should investigate and address them expeditiously.

Letter to
Vice President, Board of Education Norm Abrams
Member, Board of Education Edna Cale
Member, Board of Education Charlisa “Char” Edelin
and 3 others
Member, Board of Education Richard Forsten
President, Board of Education Julie Johnson
Superintendent of Schools/Executive Secretary, Board of Education Matthew Burrows
Please grant a Hearing for Felecia Duggins to present testimony and evidence about the Appoquinimink School District's failure to comply with its own policies and procedures in her case.

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