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Petitioning President of the United States


Fire Thad W. Allen now. We want Billy Nungesser appointed to the head position of  clean up efforts in THE GULF OF MEXICO!!!

Billy Nungesser has knowledge and compassion that Thad Allen does not. The response by Thad Allen only speaks of BP's efforts and that the leak needs to be stopped first. Billy Nungesser has from the beginning spoke of united efforts on all fronts, simultaneously, and with everything possible.

We must reach the president on this matter. Thad Allen is not the man for the job. Billy Nungesser IS.

Also a call for a new position to be made. Unprecedented disaster calls for unprecedented action. A position must be made to protect all eco-systems and all the people effected by any man-made or natural disaster. A position filled by more compassionate and more understanding people, from now until the end of time.



Letter to
President of the United States
Mr. President,

We would like you to reconsider your decision of appointing Thad Allen to the clean up efforts in the Gulf. Mr. Allen has not shown the leadership nor the compassion needed to get the job done. We do not believe that Mr. Allen has the understanding nor the time table comprehension that is warranted. Mr. Allen is use to bureaucracy and red tape. This we feel will slow the effort to minimize this disaster.

This disaster is UNPRECEDENTED. We want unprecedented measures taken!!! Appoint Billy Nungesser to the top position of all efforts. From getting the erupting volcano of oil plugged, to the removal of any and all toxins that now are in our presious Eco-systems, to the BOOT ON THE NECK OF BP.

We want this done immediately. Mr. Nungesser speaks of you highly. We know you believe he is the right man for the job. Forget what you are being told about proper procedure and make a new position that will see this disaster through and continue to live on for all of history. Make a position that will oversee clean ups of any and all man-made or natural disasters from now to the end of time, where the loudest voice in the area gets the job. The more compassion and the more understanding an individual shows will get the job, to keep the Eco-systems and the People's best interests at the top of the list. Have the people in the area vote if needed. Do something different. We have seen too many of our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, our aunt and uncles, our grandmothers and grandfathers, and people we don't even know mistreated by lack of compassion and understanding by those appointed to the leadership positions after a disaster occurs.

Mr. President you must hear us on this matter. Many lives are at stake. PLEASE sir, hear our cries for change. Change the way disasters are handled. Louisiana has been mistreated before, during, and more importantly after Katrina. Do not allow another disaster to hurt anymore of us after the fact.

Appoint Billy Nungesser to the disaster BP and the federal overseers have created.PLEASE DO IT NOW. Make a position where all disasters, from here on out, will be lead by a person who has a stake in the clean up. Do not allow bureaucracy to hurt any clean up effort ever again. MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR ALL OF HISTORY TO SEE.