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Appoint Special Prosecutor for Hillary Clinton Crimes

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Petition to Donald J. Trump, President of the United States and Commander in Chief (CINC) of the Armed Forces of the United States of America

from Ms. Candy Astral on behalf of the American People

We respectfully petition you, our Commander in Chief Donald J. Trump, to direct your Attorney General Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions to appoint a Special Prosecutor under the authority vested in him by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 600.1 to investigate potential high crimes and misdemeanors committed by one Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Allegations of criminal activity by Ms. Clinton (both during her time as a private citizen and during her tenure as Secretary of State) have mounted to a crescendo in the past month. Hardly a week passes without another serious, high-level scandal involving Ms. Clinton and her assignees. These scandals have eroded public trust in Government & the rule of law, have damaged American credibility abroad, and have eroded US national security- perhaps even costing American lives.

Many American citizens believe that Ms. Clinton's time in office fell short of the standards of public service- that her time was, in fact, little more than organized racketeering for her own personal benefit and private enrichment on a vast scale.

Allegations of wrongdoing my Ms. Clinton include but are not limited to:

- The "Uranium One" scandal - abusing her power as Secretary of State to approve the sale of US uranium reserves in exchange for $145 million in donations to her private charity (sic) by Russian interests

- The "Tarmac Meeting" scandal - abusing her influence to orchestrate a meeting between her husband, one William J. Clinton, and the then-Attorney General of the United States, Loretta E. Lynch, in order to derail an active FBI investigation into her alleged illegal activities

- The "Unmasking Scandal" - using her power as Secretary of State, in conjunction with her employee Ambassador Samantha J. Power, to abuse the functions of the National Security Agency (NSA) by unmasking the identities of private American citizens in order to target her political opponents during a Presidential election, in direct violation of Constitutional protections against unreasonable search

- The "Email Scandal" - in a breathtaking lapse of security, installing a private computer server in her personal residence to route large amounts of official State Department electronic correspondence, to include documents at the classified at the TS/SCI (Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information) level of classification

- The "Pay To Play Clinton Foundation Scandal" - abusing the power vested in her as Secretary of State to approve arms sales, treaties, grants, military aid, and other transactions & assistance to foreign countries based not on the merits of said transactions to the United States, but on financial contributions made by foreign governments to her Charity (sic) 

- The "Harvey Weinstein Scandal" - accepting large financial donations from Hollywood producer Harvey F. Weinstein and otherwise partnering/cooperating with him when Ms. Clinton knew, or should have known based on her access and proximity, that Mr. Weinstein was engaged in sexually predatory activities on an unprecedented scale

- The "Benghazi Scandal" - failing in her duty as Secretary of State to provide adequate protection and relief for the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya when that Consulate came under sustained attack on September 11, 2012 despite the presence of substantial U.S. and Allied military personnel and resources in the Mediterranean theater of operations, including fast-mover jets, Predator drones and AC-130 gunships that were, inter alia, eminently capable of responding to said threat, resulting in the avoidable and tragic deaths of four United States citizens

- The "#ClintonKid Scandal" - credible reports have surfaced that during the summer of 1985, William Jefferson Clinton (spouse of Hillary Rodham Clinton) fathered a child out of wedlock (one Danney Lee Willaims). If these reports are factual, as would confirmed by a standard DNA test, we believe that the Clinton household (filing jointly as taxpayers under the State of Arkansas Revenue Code) are liable for financial compensation (i.e. Child Support) under Arkansas state law to the mother of this child pursuant to the Family Support Act 948 of the Arkansas state code, as amended.

Based on the foregoing allegations, we believe that it is prudent and reasonable for you, President Donald J. Trump, to direct your Attorney General to appoint a Special Prosecutor as outlined under CFR 600.1 to investigate the potential wide-ranging crimes of Ms. Clinton.

While Ms. Clinton has been investigated by the FBI on many prior occasions, we do not believe that said investigations were credible or thorough based on the close contact between the husband of Ms. Clinton and the Attorney General at that time.

Furthermore, we believe that the vast scope and international nature of many of Ms. Clinton's alleged crimes- often conducted behind the veil of Government secrecy- comprise an interconnected web of wrongdoing that requires the full-time dedication of a Special Prosecutor to properly unravel.

It is believed that such appointment of an independent Special Counsel will contribute greatly to transparency, to the rule of law, and the faith in Government of the American people.

We respectfully thank you for your consideration of this request.

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