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Where is the bald/hair loss emoji?!

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How many emojis would you say that use a day? 10? 50? 100?

So many of us send thousands of these cute smileys without even realising. They have become part of our every day life. Texting, whatsapping, snapchatting and they're everywhere on social media sites!

But, one thing I've noticed is that they don't have one which represents being bald.

Millions of people in the U.K. alone suffer with hair loss, children and teenagers included. 

With the emoji family constantly growing, and an update just recently of 100 more, my mission is to speak on behalf of those suffering with hair loss. And get Apple to listen to us!

There are plenty of politically correct emojis just none clearly showing a person without hair. I feel that by adding a bald male AND female we could spread awareness and make this sensitive subject more socially acceptable.

I know so many people would feel more confident in themselves if they could use this emoji when uploading photos to their Instagram or Snapchat! It's who they are, and they shouldn't be afraid to show it! Myself included :)

So please show your support, spare just two minutes of your time and sign this petition.

Together we can raise awareness. And together we will beat hair loss!

Thank you!

Jade (Life on a Strand) x

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