We want Apple to include chargers with their iPhones

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Apple's new iPhone, which they launched this October 13th, doesn't come with charging adapters or EarPods in the box. Apple says that they have removed these from the box of the iPhone 12 series phones to reduce carbon emissions worldwide for protecting the environment. Shortly after this announcement, Apple also stopped providing charging adapters with their older iPhone models, like the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and the iPhone SE (2020).

On paper, it seems that this is a very good decision by Apple. On the keynote, Apple VP Lisa Jackson said, "There are also over 2 billion Apple power adapters out there in the world, and that's not counting the billions of third-party adapters. We're removing these items from the iPhone box, which reduces carbon emissions and avoids the mining and use of precious materials." Besides, she also said,  "Taken all together, the changes we’ve made for iPhone 12 cut over 2 million metric tons of carbon annually; it’s like removing 450,000 cars from roads every year."

But if you dig deeper, you will see that the iPhone 12 series, along with the older models in which Apple stopped providing the charging adapters and EarPods, now comes with USB Type-C to Lightning connector, which is kind of a bummer. Apple started providing USB Type-C charging adapters in the box from the iPhone 11. Before that, they used to give a 5W USB-A adapter in the box. that means, people who are using iPhones older than iPhone 11, are now bound to buy a new adapter for the sake of charging their devices. This clearly indicates that Apple is using the term "reducing carbon emission" only for the sake of their business. Besides that, there are chances that other smartphone manufacturers will remove charging adapters from smartphone boxes imitating Apple. 

So, sign this petition so that Apple provides charging adapters in the box of their devices for the betterment of consumers.