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Use impartial labor inspectors, not ones you've bought and paid for.


It's good that Apple is finally committed to inspecting its factories. But as of now, it's a PR stunt, because the inspections are being done by a notoriously pro-corporate organization (the Fair Labor Association or "FLA") that's selected and paid by Apple and tells the public what Apple wants the public to hear.  As reported in the New York Times on Feb. 17, 2012, even before FLA staff had inspected the factories, the President of the FLA praised the conditions at the Foxconn facility where workers have committed suicide in large numbers, worked 70-hour work-weeks, died in explosions, and suffered other harsh conditions. He said the "problem" was that workers were "bored."  Demand that Apple use a genuinely independent, competent monitoring organization such as the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC), with which approximately 200 United States universities are affiliated. Unlike the FLA, the WRC is not paid by Apple or any other corporation and its inspections are conducted by independent labor law professors from major American law schools.

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