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Apple UK: Apple needs to provide Giffgaff with the carrier file settings they need

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Originally posted by shevek @ GiffGaff Community Board:


There are two reasons internet tethering is not currently available through Giffgaff on your iPhone running iOS 4.3 and above:

Current Giffgaff policy is not to offer tethering services.

Tethering is managed via iTunes carrier file settings and apparently Giffgaff have already once approached Apple to get even basic settings such as the Network name and the APN settings for Internet added into a giffgaff carrier specific file to no avail. This failed primarily due to the fact that giffgaff do not sell the hardware or provide direct carrier support for users.

(Edit: reason 1 is no longer the case.)

So, even if Giffgaff reverse their current no-tethering policy, point number 2 will still be a problem for us iPhone users.

Therefore I'd like to encourage fellow iPhone users to contact Apple and ask that they provide Giffgaff with the carrier file settings they need. I mean, flip, I bought my phone for £600 directly from Apple so I could use it with any carrier, in this case Giffgaff.

You can phone Apple technical support on: 0844 209 0611

This is not to say Giffgaff will reverse their current no-tethering policy but they certainly can't offer tethering to us iPhone users without it. In any case I imagine carrier settings would bring other benefits too, one of which I presume would be not having our data settings wiped each time we update our iPhone system software.

You might point out to Apple too that Giffgaff may not offer direct carrier support for users but their community-based support beats the pants off the support systems of other networks.

P.S. thanks to darrenpainter for the information

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