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Petitioning CEO of Apple, Inc. Tim Cook

Apple, Turn "Assembled In China" into "Made in the U.S.A."

This is important for so many reasons. One of the biggest that is on the forefront of every Americans' mind is the economy. Our economy is in horrible shape. So many Americans are unemployed. Forclosure is a word that is spoken way too often. We need manufacturing jobs once again if we want to remain the leader of the free world!

Letter to
CEO of Apple, Inc. Tim Cook
Mr. Tim Cook,
The United States is by far one of, if not THE, greatest nations on earth. We are the leaders of the free world. Our fellow Americans have the greatest resolve despite all of our enormous differences. We can come together in times of need like no other. The time that we as Americans are passing through right now is tough. It is grueling. Every day we are on the edge of collapse. I don't care if you add up numbers to tell me that collapse is far off, It doesn't really matter what you do - financial collapse isn't the only way that we are in trouble. Our fellow countrymen are emotionally drained. We are tired. Tired of hearing politicians gripe about this but not do anything to fix that. We are tired of eating toast with peanut butter three times a day for two years straight. We are tired of paying more for gasoline in a year than our mortgages. We are tired of having our homes and lives ripped away from us because of bad banking practices or because we can't find stable work to make the monthly payments. WE ARE TIRED!

Innovation is an amazing thing. Right now the world is in the midst of a technological revolution. I can speak with friends from Nepal in the time it takes for me to snap my finger. I don't even have to think about it. I just tap my thumb on some rectangular glass box thing and there's my friend. It's amazing. But your product, the iPhone, which might be accredited with creating this revolution, or stamped as I like to think of it, is "Assembled In China." Thousands of Chinese citizens are barely making a living, and working in less than desirable conditions, all for what? Your company has more cash in the bank than the united states government. Hey, I am all for everyone and anyone fending for themselves, hustling on his or her own to put money in their pocket, But unfortunately we do not live in a world or society that allows for that. We as Americans form a union that is a collective. This is no argument about Republican versus Democrat, but just straight talk. The resolve that the American people have makes it clear to me that we are a people that believe in unity. We believe in hard work. We like working hard and we like living prosperous lives. Is it fair for citizens from another country to be making the products we use here in the United States from a company that calls itself an American company? That is so completely backwards. Imagine Apple, Incorporated bringing all of their product manufacturing plants back to the United States. The most profitable company this country has making a return to the land it was founded on. What a statement that would make!

We implore you Mr. Tim Cook,
bring Apple's manufacturing jobs back to the United States of America and help our country return to the glory that it deserves.