Apple MUST acknowledge the fault in their updates. Updates have broken several iPhones.

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With recent iOS software updates that have been released, it has led to an issue that is occurring mostly on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus builds in which the device no longer recognizes the iC audio chip in the phone. This renders the phone USELESS as users can no longer make phone calls, FaceTime, or even record voice notes. This is a deliberate action taking place by Apple to increase sales on phones by making “older” versions obsolete with a simple software update. There are thousands of people that are going through his issue and it can be seen all over Apple’s “Discussion Forums” and they are not providing any real solutions but to buy a new phone, which many people cannot afford to do especially since their phones were working prior to the “update”. They are even going as far as deleting discussion posts that mention the issue. Apple is putting the fault on the consumer and saying it is a hardware issue when this is obviously not true. Apple also conveniently decided to completely block the ability to revert to a previous iOS version after releasing this damaging update! This is unacceptable.

We can either come to a compromise and tell Apple to allow us to downgrade our phones to the previous iOS on which the phones were working to see if this solves the issue, or if they refuse to do so, take legal action.