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Stop the use of conflict minerals in Apple and Samsung Products

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The electronics industry has grown rapidly over the last 30 years. Over this time period computers, cell phones, and other advanced electronics have become widely available across the globe. Large electronics companies such as Apple and Samsung have been at the forefront of this boom raking in unthinkable amounts of profits.

Behind this electronics boom however is a little known dark side. The advanced circuit boards that enable these technological advances require rare earth minerals such as tantalum. 80% of the world’s supply of tantalum is located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Due to instability in lawlessness in remote regions of the country, Warlords and criminal organizations often come to control many of the nation’s mines, exploiting the local population to fund their illegal activities.

The brutal exploitation of the Congolese people and resources is made possible by large electronics corporations turning a blind eye to the management of their own supply lines. This petition lobbies for awareness into the illegal trade of conflict minerals worldwide and for large electronics companies to assume their moral responsibilities to the people of Africa. Social change begins with public awareness. Corporations bow to the demands of their consumers and follow closely changing public opinions. Help us make the problem of illegal mining known and make a difference.


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