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Apple: Stop activating stolen iPhones

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It takes a while for statistics to be validated and reported, but there is a clear surge in Apple devices being targeting for theft. Phones are snatched out of people's hands on the bus. Peter Hartikka had his stolen at gunpoint in front of his home, and a few days ago Dalton Huckaby was mugged. Mugged for a phone!

Right now, these phones are likely being sold on Craig's List, eBay or elsewhere on the internet. Anyone can buy this phone, walk into an Apple Store or other retailer, and have it activated. Unlike automobiles that have to go through "chop shops" or credit cards that can be deactivated, petty thieves have little incentive to keep them from "Apple Picking", because the used phone market opens them to thousands of dollars in easy profit. 

In order to use an iPhone, the device must link to Apple and be activated.

But if stolen phones couldn't be activated, there would be little, if any, incentive to steal them.

We are befuddled that one of the most legendary companies on earth who has unleashed so much potential for the world through their impeccable design, has not protected their millions of customers from theft through technology, consumer warnings, education and other means.

We ask that Apple create a clear plan to combat the theft and resale of their devices, or issue a loud and clear public explanation of why they can't.

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