Sponsored content creator used privileges in war

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Rise of Kingdom (RoK) is a mobile RPG where players can join and play for free.The game is available on both Android and IOS platforms. Although the game is free to play, in order to get certain privileges and benefits such as resources, speed up items, special commanders etc., players may make additional purchases which range from $1 to $100 per item.

It has come to notice that RoK has been passing undue advantage in order to benefit one youtube streamer by the name of Legend Rhonny in kingdom (server) 1016. The undue advantage was to help fuel a server wide war which essentially helps create a situation for RoK to generate more revenue. By passing unfair advantage to a particular player, the developers of RoK created a situation where spending more money was the only viable solution.

Screenshots of conversations between the youtube stream Legend Rhonny and RoK developers on Discord app are posted below.

We request Google and Apple to consider this situation under fair play conditions, while it is completely understandable for a developer to compensate a content creator for their efforts, but crossing the line and extending that support by way of items to create a misbalance ultimately helping the developers sell more in-app items is unethical akin to currency manipulation.

We request that the developers of this game “Lilith Games” be penalized financially and players of the game, both paid and free, be passed benefits to correct the misbalance.