Apple should write the Sea of ​​Japan and islands on Maps : Appleは地図に日本海と島を表記するべきだ。

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Source:Territory /Source2:Sea of Japan


 We can’t find the Sea of ​​Japan in Apple's Maps app on the majority of Apple devices. The East China Sea and the Philippine Sea are shown normally. Also, there are no names for Takeshima, Senkaku Islands, Etorofu Island, Kunashiri Island and Shikotan Island. It had not been notified to Apple users or Japanese citizens (including immigrants) in advance. 

 This is a propaganda under Japanese discrimination and deserves our human rights and a sovereignty violations.

  We want Apple an apology and a solution as soon as possible.

 大多数のApple端末でMapsアプリに日本海(Sea of Japan)が出てきません。東シナ海(East China Sea)やフィリピン海(Philippine Sea)は普通に出ます。また、竹島・尖閣諸島・択捉島・国後島・色丹島の名前も無いです。それはAppleユーザーや日本国民(移民を含む)に事前に通告がなされておりませんでした。