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Replace or Fix All 2010- 2013 Macbook Pro with Graphics Failure

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I am filling this petition  on behalf of my family and house hold and a big number of apple customers.

I have five MacBook pro between 2010 and 2012 and two of them are now power dead piece of metal and one is restarting unexpectedly and one is having display problems. and one is still running but it gets incredibly hot that burned my little niece legs.

I went to apple try to fix them they told me you are out of warranty and you have to pay for a new logic board which will cost me almost the price of buying another one. 
I put it on the side and I bought another one and couple of months later it become dead too. 

when I went to get my computer checked at authorized service provider why they didn't they that their a recall program exist and send me away.
why when I called apple trying to solve the problem they transferred me between departments for a month and half then they denied my repair.
and one of your representatives told me in words when I said I will take a legal action and its recorded "that apple could even get any apple they want out of the warranty for any reason they can make" that what you call it top line services.
and at the end apple just stopped answering my calls and if I reached someone they put me on hold and then the phone cut off.
and one of the reasons they try to through it at me that the computers has unauthorized modifications..just because I checked one of them at un authorized service provider and he told me that I will need a new logic board because this model is well known for this issue....can you imagine how low they went to deny the repair. he didn't even unscrew anything in it.
so I searched more I found out that :

Reports of failing MacBook Pros have been flooding in since 2013, with many owners of 2010 models with Nividia or ATI graphics suffering from system crashes and hardware problems that have been described as "critical". Everyone who bought a macbook pro spent a huge premium to buy macbook pro's and did not expect to have a manufacturing defect,"This issue had made a 2500$ investment a piece of junk. We do not buy Apple products with this in mind."

they announce an extended warranty program stating that those models have problems and they didn't announced in their updates or through their software. they just announced it on their website and with expiration date so not many people can see it easily and they will get away with it. and as soon as many people got to find that they are eligible for the repair they call of the program and made an expiration date for it.

and when many people complained in May 2017 Apple announced that it is reducing the range of models eligible for a repair on their expired program so they can deny more people for the repair by stating that:

"The following models are no longer eligible for this program: MacBook Pro (15-inch, Early 2011), MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2011), MacBook Pro (17-inch, Early 2011) and MacBook Pro (17-inch, Late 2011)." in other words they call it vintage.
and can you imagine this fake announcement is made to put my elgibility of my computers out of their program


you call these models are vintage. however is our money in your pockets are vintage too. plus manufacture  problems responsibility  doesn't have an expiration date and announcing a program not in public media to reach the users are considering fraud. and against to the class action suite which was filled by 10,000 people for this issue and thats why the program exist.

the problem exist since early models in 2010 till 2013 computers and till now they deny to admit to the law class action suite that  was filled against apple for this reason. they gave so many reasons as one their program rules is the repair by region so some regions are not eligible for the repair even it is a manufacture problem that could lead to a law suite against apple in every region they deny it.

they change the program for the repair online and put a new one in the same link which consider it fraud because the first program has expired according to their announcement so why would change the content for a program that has expired already and just reduce the models that should be fixed driving people away by deceiving them or changing their logic boards with the same defective models and charging them almost the same amount of a new MacBook instead of obeying a law suite settlement apple agreed too and make an extended warranty program.

and there were many cases were filled against apple for the same reason in Australia and California and many more.

Apple could really face a global class action law suite if they didn't open untimed program for taking care of fixing or upgrading these defective computers or even give those customers a new computer compensating them for the loss of time and stress they had for having unsafe computers for their data and put them in a situation they just have to through their laptop away.

and this petition will be announced on all social media and every where so people will know if apple will stand for their products or not. and i am sure the truth will be out.
I hope apple will make the right decision and solve the case and don't waste more time of their valuable customers.
if no action fro apple I will be filling a case against apple and I will get back the compensation for my valuable time and the stress they caused me and the fraud they did in order to get away with their irresponsible action towards fixing the case.
and if anyone has the same problem you can sign the petition  or email me and we will get our rights back soon or later. 

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