Remove ban on Civil War games because these games display the Confederate flag.

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Apple has jumped on the recent bandwagon in an attempt to erase history because of something they don't agree with. Regardless of your opinion if the Confederate flag is or has been used as a symbol of racial hate, it is nevertheless a part of our history and should not be erased.

There are several games that are based upon the Civil War. These games have representations of the Union and Confederate armies. Part of these representations are flags marking sides.

Apple has taken upon itself to ban games based on the Civil War because these Confederate armies display the Confederate flag. These programs are not encouraging use or even representing the Confederate flag as a symbol of hate. They are strategy games that are both fun, educational, and are platforms for people to learn more about what took place during the Civil War as an interactive experience.

Gamers, historians, conservatives, and people concerned that this is a bad precedence for Apple to take should sign this petition.

 A list of games that may be affected:

Ultimate General: Gettysburg
AAA American Civil War Cannon Shooter
Civil War: Hidden Mysteries
Civil War The Battle Game
Civil War Defense
Civil War Battle Defense
1861 A Civil War Rebellion
Civil War: 1862
Civil War: 1863


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