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Recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

With the release of the iPhone 5, Apple introduced its new operating system, iOS 6. Two major apps associated with iOS6 are the Apple Maps and World Clock. Both apps fail to list Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Apple Maps distinguishes each country’s capital with a star within a circle. Jerusalem is not given such a designation, and Israel is the only country without its capital identified. Each city in the World Clock app is followed by its country; again, this is not the case when it comes to Jerusalem, which is listed as a city without an associated country.

Apple should acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel within its applications. Israel’s major seats of government are located in Jerusalem. The Knesset, Israel’s highest governing body, was established in 1949 in Jerusalem. The Prime Minister of Israel’s office and residence, as well as Israel’s Supreme Court are located in Jerusalem. Not only does Israel certify Jerusalem as its capital, but both major American political parties--the Democratic party and Republican party--recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as well.

If Israel and America's two major political parties have recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Apple should not deviate from this designation by not appointing Jerusalem as Israel's capital in these apps. These Apple applications need to be modified and correctly list Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Israel must be treated like every other country in the world. Washington, D.C. is recognized as America’s capital. Paris is recognized as France’s capital. Damascus is recognized as Syria’s capital. Shouldn’t Jerusalem be recognized as Israel’s capital?

If you think so, please sign our petition for Apple to do what’s right, and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in its Apple Maps and World Clock applications.

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