Make Tabitha Brown the voice of Siri

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Ms. Tabitha Brown has the most soothing voice I’ve ever heard in a very long time. For many others, they feel the same way. She is every eloquent in the way she speaks but she is also very funny. Ms. Brown is someone that millions of people across the world can relate to; which is why, she would make the perfect voice for Siri. 

It is refreshing to be able to listen to someone’s voice that is so calming especially coming from a long long and stressful day. Nothing can top that. It gets even better when you turn your GPS on and you hear the “Turn Right at the next light, like so like that” or the “Stacy said “I’m at the store”, let me know if you want to reply but that’s yo business”. 

Overall, making Ms Tabitha Brown the voice of Siri would be a game changer for millions. If I had to chose between her and all the other voice options I would definitely be choosing Ms. Tabitha Brown cause that’s my business. In addition, a lot of others would choose her including over a million people who currently follow her on Instagram and watch her content daily. If you don’t believe me, go check out her instagram page @iamtabithabrown. “Now y’all go on bout y’all business okay? Have the most amazing day, but baby, even if you can’t have a good one, don’t you dear go messing up nobody else’s. Ya hear?”