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Make Apple Use Conflict Free Minerals!

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A deadly war has been raging in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since the 1990s; armed rebel groups are committing atrocious violations of human rights, including the rape and mutilation of women and girls, and the kidnapping of children, forcing them into becoming soldiers. One of the issues fueling the conflict in the DRC is the armed forces who gain revenue from the illegal trade of conflict minerals, such as tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold - many of which are used in Apple products, making Apple responsible for ensuring that the minerals it uses do not contribute to such conflict and suffering.

 We appreciate the work Apple has done to make itself one of the companies who has done more for the fight against the use of conflict minerals, but Apple could do even better. The leader of the tech industry should also be the leader of use conflict free minerals, but the leader of conflict free is currently Intel. Continued efforts by this company would encourage others to do the same improving the lives of miners and anyone affected by the conflict in the DRC . The company has the duty to the people of the DRC to responsibly source the minerals used in your products from Congolese mines and should be able to call yourselves entirely conflict free.

 We, setting up all this, are students from the United World College of the American West (UWC-USA) in Montezuma, New Mexico. The students here represent over 85 countries and speak over 125 languages, and many of these students love and use your products and services. One of the main goals of this school is to use education to unite people, cultures, and nations for peace and a sustainable future. That is the reason why we believe, in order to achieve a peaceful and sustainable future, we need to work on stopping conflict minerals.

 If Apple became 100 percent conflict free, students at our school would be able to truthfully say that they are responsible consumers, as will the rest of your faithful customers.Most importantly, you have the ability to improve and save Congoleses lives affected by Conflict Minerals. We sincerely hope that you will be able to step up and take responsibility.

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