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Make Apple iPhone 7/7 plus home button serviceable by third party repair businesses

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If you buy an iPhone, it should be yours to do what you want with.

Apple tie you down to only get certain things repaired by them and make some things, like the home button only replaceable by themselves.

Once you buy a product it should be yours, the way Apple operate is effectively a monopoly.

If your home button breaks on your iPhone 7 or 7 plus, then the ONLY way to get it working again is through Apple themselves.

You can't take it into a local repair shop for them to swap the part and walk out a happy customer with a lot more money in your pocket, you have to take it to an Apple store or an Apple authorised repair centre for an overpriced repair.

I understand that the touch ID component is a security feature, but the return to home feature should be a serviceable part that anyone, including the end user should be able to either repair themselves if they see fit or take their own iPhone brought with their own money to any reputable repair business. 

To me this is unfair treatment by Apple to make sure you only spend your money with them.

If car manufacturers did the same thing there would be an uproar, can you imagine if BMW for example decided that you can only get your vehicle serviced with them? They could effectively charge however much they wanted and it's tough luck, you want a BMW? Then you have to use us to repair it. 

This is exactly what Apple are doing to their customers.


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