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Apple: Make a magnet-free iPad cover for people with disabilities


My son Jacoby was born with Spina Bifida, one of the most common birth defects in the world. He’s paralyzed from the waist down and has lived with a metal shunt valve in his head since he was 3 months old. Jacoby's 1st grade classroom is inclusive of special needs students and he loves being in a classroom with all the other kids. But now, Jacoby may not be able to participate in his class full time since they use new iPads for some activities. Magnets in newer iPads, that hold the smart covers on could adjust the shunt valve in his head and cause him to have seizures, and maybe even kill him.

Magnets in the Ipads shell, which are to hold smartcovers on,  have recently been shown to adjust shunt valves in adjustable shunts in children’s heads and interfere with medical devices like pacemakers. The shunt valve in Jacoby’s brain keeps excess fluid from building up and causing his brain to be under too much fluid pressure. Magnets, like the ones in newer iPad, can cause these shunt valves to move around and cause seizures because of the fluid level changes.

While technology is an amazing tool and helps with education, Jacoby will soon be excluded from learning with his friends, at a time in which inclusion, especially for special needs children, is so important. I talked to an Apple representative when we first found that the iPad could harm Jacoby. They were able to help us find a magnet-free 1st Generation iPad Jacoby could use in his classroom. However, new updates to the iPad's software now means he can’t run the newer programs used by his school.

As more and more schools use iPads for in-classroom learning experiences, kids like Jacoby will be excluded from learning with their peers. We know they have done it before so why not go back to that design. Please join me in asking Apple to make a magnet-free iPad, like the First Generation Ipads, so Jacoby and others with other disabilities can safely use iPads to learn. 

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Apple CEO Tim Cook
Senior Vice President Jonathan Ive
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Senior Vice President Bruce Sewell
Senior Vice President Jeff Williams
Many children, including my son, have shunts that can be adjusted by magnets. Unfortunately on the IPad 2 and up, including IPad minis, contain magnets to attach covers that can adjust these shunts, which in turn could cause detrimental effects to these kids.
Technology is an amazing thing and helps with education in many schools around the World. But 1st generation Ipads, which are safe for shunts, can not run the newer programs used in schools which Jacoby’s school uses. This proves to be a factor in excluding these children from learning with their peers, in a time in which inclusion, especially for special needs children, is important. Safety versus fair learning should not have to be choice for these kids.
I would like the design to be looked at so that maybe a return to a magnet status of the Ipad 1st generation could occur, making Ipads safer for children with not only shunts, but pacemakers as well.
Thank you for your time!

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