iOS 12- We Want; Volume HUD, Dark Mode, and More

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At WWDC 2018, Apple released iOS 12 with focuses on performance, stability, and some refinements and features to Siri and some stock apps. However, Apple you are missing what your customers really want, small and simple changes.

iOS is a powerful platform, and we want things not only to make it more powerful but also easier and a better experience for your customers.

We aren't asking for a complete design change or an open source iOS, all we want are simple things and here they are:

  1. Volume HUD- it doesn't need to take 20% of screen real estate
  2. Dark Mode- with iPhone X's OLED display and feature products this would not only help battery life but make it visually more appealing
  3. Cuosmizbzle Lockscreen Toggles- we don't need a camera toggle when we can swipe right, and flashlight, not everyone uses it
  4. Basic Siri Commands Offline- Siri doesn't need to be online to do certain local base commands such as making a call or sending an SMS message
  5. Camera Settings Inside of Camera- to change resolution or camera settings is a long and confusing journey through settings, make it simple with adding these settings directly into the Camera app interface
  6. Battery Percentage in iPhone X- give us the option to either show the battery icon or battery percentage in the status bar on the iPhone X